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More About POTTR

POTTR offers effective and innovative fly trap solutions

The available options in the current market for effective fly traps are highly unattractive. Bright yellow sticky fly traps leave behind a mess, electric traps make loud noises, and hanging traps require constant maintenance. Many fly traps are made from cheap plastic and styrofoam, making them visual eyesores and impractical to place in high-traffic areas.

POTTR offers attractive vase models, each with a trapping compartment. Our patent-pending fly attractant solution can be poured into the vase to lure flies in. POTTR is manufactured for convenience, taking less than a minute to clean while being durable and the perfect size for table use.

POTTR stands out as the sole fly trap on the market that seamlessly merges aesthetic appeal with exceptional functionality. With features like our pesticide-free liquid, floral insert, and easy-to-clean interior, consumers can enjoy a pest-free environment without compromising on style. POTTR offers an assortment of colors and designs that give consumers the ability to customize their experience to meet their needs.

Meet POTTR's Team

Get to Know Us

Learn more about the creative and savvy members who are behind the innovative solutions POTTR offers. 


Ian is currently a sophomore in high school and cofounder of POTTR. Nurtured by a passion for cooking and years of restaurant work experience, Ian had developed a personal grudge against the flies that raided his family’s barbeques and drove away customers at his grandmother’s restaurant. Unsatisfied that current fly traps were unsightly and ineffective, Ian partnered up with his classmate Indigo to find a better solution. They brought their wits and creativity together to craft a beautiful yet effective fly trap solution.


Indigo is currently a senior in high school and cofounder of POTTR. Sharing the same sentiments as Ian, Indigo decided to team up with Ian to revolutionize the fly trap market. Indigo's incredible work ethic, coming from years of hardcore water polo training helped POTTR slingshot forward in the flytrap market. As anybody knows, two friends with a shared dream makes an unstoppable force.

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